Exporting Indonesian Fishes the Other Way: 

- Focus on Fishes from Breeding. If we can breed, we're not going to collect some wild ones.

- Focus on our own network of collecting Station, in Banyuwangi, North Bali and Nusa Tenggara. Using our own collectors, or getting closer to the collectors, so we are the one that handle the fish.

- Focus on non-cyanide trained collector and train them ourselves. Use our own team to collect deep-water fishes.

- State or the Art Facility. Non-copper, Non Antibiotic treatment. Natural sea water mechanically filtrated to 1 micron, slightly lowered salinity, use of professional skimmers, UV and Ozone.

- Feeding the fish properly: Our main concern. Enriched Live Artemia and Mysis in house production, home made vitamin enriched Frozen food, and high grade artificial pellets and flakes. So the fish can quickly recover and get ready for the long journey ahead. No skinny fish.

- Use of the Best Packing Method with Sterilized, Buffered and Cooled water, with additional water detoxifier to avoid ammonia intoxication. Use of Heat Pack during wintertime.