Facility Tours:



90% of our stock is in the sea, on our racks.

 But for wild corals, we need to stock them for few weeks, to give them enough time to recover from harsh collection, adapt to aquarium condition, lighting, water quality, feeding, and it's only when they are ready, when their tissue have fully recover and expended that we ship them.  

We use a network of collectors all around the archipeallago and have 3 collecting station:

One in Banyuwangi, on the east side of java, in the Bali strait, The water there is off very good quality. Located on the sea shore, in tha strait, where high current brings very good, cool, and rich sea water. There we stock many soft corals, and common LPS.

One in Makassar where many of the nice uncomon LPS are coming from. We stock many nice rare LPS over there.

One in North Bali where many fish are collected. And one more is under development in the eastern part.

In our Facility, we use Reef octopus skimmers on all our systems. The water quality is monitored daily. We use natural sea water pumped every day a few kilometers away from our station.
 For stocking shallow water LPS we use canon LED, and T5 for SPS.  



Most systems are equipped with chillers. We use a special system for packing water. 
This water made out of natural sea water is filtered to one micron, sterilized,  chilled and prepared for optimum shipping conditions, and best arrival condition. Our SPS don't loose their color during shipping.